VenusBM Balcony Solar Mounting System

Venus BM: The next level in balcony solar mounting. Flexible installation choices. Broad compatibility with various railings. Durable and lightweight. Visually appealing.

VenusBM Balcony Solar Mounting System

Introducing VenusBM, a cutting-edge solution in balcony solar mounting. This system brings a fresh approach to harnessing solar energy on your balcony. Made from a combination of steel and aluminum, VenusBM offers both durability and a lightweight structure. What sets it apart is its adaptability: whether you opt for a tilted or parallel configuration,  it accommodates your needs. Additionally, its compatibility with a wide range of balcony railings makes it a versatile choice. 


Flexible Installation

Choose between tilted and parallel configurations to meet your specific requirements.

Broad Compatibility

Engineered to fit a wide variety of balcony railings, making it a versatile choice for different settings.

Space-Smart Design

Optimizes the use of your balcony area without compromising energy output.

Visually Harmonious

Integrates seamlessly into your balcony environment, adding both utility and aesthetic value.

Triangle Support
- Steel
Base Rail
- Aluminum
Railing Hook
- Steel
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