Metal Roof Solar Mounts – HeliosLF

Discover HeliosLF, your go-to solution for metal roof solar mounts. Quick-to-install, superior wind resistance, and all-aluminum composition. Ideal for industrial applications. Explore now!

Metal Roof Solar Mounts – HeliosLF

HeliosLF is a prominent choice when it comes to metal roof solar mounts, designed meticulously for industrial metal roofs. Crafted from robust aluminum, these mounts assure a solid foundation for solar panels ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The quick-to-install feature coupled with a design focusing on distributing the system weight on steel beams enhances wind resistance significantly, making the installation sturdy and reliable.

The uniqueness of HeliosLF lies in its all-aluminum structure which not only promises durability but also ensures a corrosion-resistant solution for solar installations. Whether dealing with corrugated or other metal roof types, except for standing seams, HeliosLF provides an effective anchoring into metal purlins or wood trusses. The engineered design prevents roof leaks, ensuring a hassle-free and durable setup for harnessing solar energy efficiently.


Quick Installation

The HeliosLF metal roof solar mounts are designed for quick installations, saving valuable time and resources.


Enhanced Wind Resistance

By distributing system weight on steel beams, wind resistance is significantly improved, making it a reliable choice for industrial applications.


All-Aluminum Structure

The all-aluminum structure ensures durability, and corrosion resistance, promising a long-term solution for solar installations.


Versatile Roof Compatibility

Suitable for most metal roofs, except for standing seams, offering a flexible solution for different industrial roofing types.

Mounting Rail B
- Aluminum
Mid Clamp
- Aluminum
End Clamp
- Aluminum
L Foot Kit
- Aluminum
What is the HeliosLF made of?

The HeliosLF is made of high-quality aluminum AL6005-T5, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

What kind of metal roofs is HeliosLF designed for?

The HeliosLF rooftop solar mounting system is designed for corrugated, and trapezoidal metal roofs with steel beams. 

Does the installation require penetration to the roof?

Yes. To pass the system weight onto the steel beams for reliability, penetration to the roof is required. A specially designed rubber cap will be provided for waterproofing purposes.

Can HeliosLF endure harsh weather?

Yes, its robust build and smart design make it capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

How does HeliosLF compare to other metal roof solar mounts?

HeliosLF stands out for its quick installation, enhanced wind resistance, and durability thanks to its all-aluminum structure.

What support is available during the installation of HeliosLF?

We provide detailed installation guides and dedicated customer support for a seamless experience. The structural calculation is also available for industrial projects. 

What information shall I provide for an accurate quote?

The following info is usually required, the more detailed, the better.

  • Pictures of the roof;
  • Picture or drawing of the roofing sheet with dimensions;
  • Drawing showing the distribution of the purlins and beams;
  • Desired layout of the solar panels;
  • Wind and snow conditions of the region.
What's the warranty terms?

While the product is designed to last for 25-30 years, we warrant that the Products designed and manufactured by
NAYC shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 10 years. 

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