Standing Seam Solar Mount – HeliosCF

HeliosCF, the premium standing seam solar mount designed for metal roofs. Innovative clamps ensure secure, no-penetration attachment. High-quality aluminum construction. Explore a simplified, cost-effective solar mounting solution.

Standing Seam Solar Mount – HeliosCF

Efficient, Reliable

The HeliosCF standing seam solar mount is a revolutionary product meticulously designed to meet the demands of both residential and commercial standing seam metal roofs. Fabricated from high-quality aluminum, it stands as a testament to superior engineering and sustainability. Its innovative quick-to-install clamps are a game-changer, ensuring a secure fit without penetrating the roofs, thus preserving the structural integrity of your roofing system.

The major appeal of the HeliosCF lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. It provides a robust, efficient, and cost-optimized PV mounting solution, reducing the total installation time and costs significantly. The unique clamping mechanism allows for a seamless, safe, and secure attachment of PV modules, making the installation process a breeze. With HeliosCF, you’re not just getting a mounting system; you’re investing in a long-term solar solution.


Roof Integrity

Our unique design ensures no penetration to the roofing material, preserving your industrial roof's lifespan.


Cost and Time Efficiency

Reduces both installation time and costs, making solar adoption more accessible.


Innovative Clamping Technology

The quick-to-install clamps ensure a no-penetration attachment, preserving your roof's integrity.


High-Quality Aluminum

Ensures durability and long-term reliability under diverse weather conditions.

Mounting Rail
- Aluminum
Mid Clamp
- Aluminum
End Clamp
- Aluminum
Clamp Foot Kit
- Aluminum
What is the HeliosCF made of?

The HeliosCF is made of high-quality aluminum AL6005-T5. Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and boasts high tensile strength, making it a durable and reliable material for solar mounting systems.

What kind of metal roofs is HeliosCF designed for?

The HeliosCF rooftop solar mounting system is designed for industrial standing seam roofs. 

Does the installation require penetration to the roof?

No. No penetration to the roofing is required. The clamps are designed to securely attach to the seams of the metal roof without requiring any drilling or penetration, thus preserving the roof's structural integrity.

Is it compatible with all standing seam types?

Since there are too many types of standing seams on the market with diversified dimensions, the clamp foot is normally required to be customized. 

What support is available during the installation of HeliosCF?

We provide detailed installation guides, drawings, and dedicated customer support for a seamless experience. The structural calculation is also available for industrial projects. 

What information shall I provide for an accurate quote?

The following info is usually required, the more detailed, the better.

  • Pictures of the roof;
  • Picture or drawing of the roofing sheet with dimensions;
  • Desired layout of the solar panels;
  • Wind and snow conditions of the region.
What's the warranty terms?

While the product is designed to last for 25-30 years, we warrant that the Products designed and manufactured by
NACYC shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 10 years. 

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